About Us...

Welcome to DAN N KIRSTY! We are a broke British couple with 'the travel bug' aiming to explore as many countries as we can before we have to do the adult thing!

Our journey began when we met in 2014, on the Mediterranean island of Malta. We both always wanted to travel, but not had the guts to do it solo.

We knew this was going to be the start of something special when we started planning our adventures only months into knowing each other.

We took the leap, moved in together and worked super hard to save enough money to travel around Europe, which was difficult in our minimum wage jobs.


We spent 4 amazing months travelling in a van across 17 European countries before running out of money and coming back to England for another round of saving.

This time, we left everything we had for a much bigger journey. One that would take us to the other side of the world! This time on a working holiday visa. Our destination? New Zealand!

Our plan is to work our way around the country before trying our luck at Australia. Then, who knows, somehow travel our way back home!

On the way, we make travel vlogs so that you too, can experience the world with us...

Meet Dan...

Born and raised on the east coast of England in a small town called Skegness, I've always had dreams to travel the world.

In 2012, I packed my bags and headed for a summer in Cyprus, as I worked for spending money on my weekends off.

In 2013, I was back on a plane once again. This time, heading for Malta for a permanent job in a hotel, where little did I know, I would meet the love of my life!

My role in Dan N Kirsty is filming and editing our vlogs. I love picking up the camera and finding something new to film.

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Meet Kirsty...

Kirsty Fiji.jpg

So, I'm Kirsty, from Bedford in England.

Since I was little I have always dreamt of traveling the world. My mum used to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up and I always said 'I want to be a trolly dolly so I can easily see the world!'.

Unfortunately, I didn't become an air hostess. Instead, I went to work for the NHS because I didn't feel confident to go out into the world alone. 

In 2014, my mum and I holidayed to Malta where I met Dan! The man that stole my heart, but shared my dreams!

My role in Dan N Kirsty is secondary filming and photographing, alongside looking after this blog and our social media platforms.

Have any questions for us?

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